Candle in Hands


  • We do what we believe in and we believe in what we do by being genuine !

  • We are open minded and can think out of box !

  • We are liberal and all kinds of people get equal respect from us !

  • We are non-judgmental and we don’t tag people !

  • We maintain absolute confidentiality !

  • We only empathize but not sympathize !

  • We follow ethical guidelines !

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We believe that every human can achieve Self Actualization by

  • Being Authentic to self

  • Accepting all parts of self

  • Seeing things Objectively in the way they are

  • Being Mindful in present moment

  • Healing past trauma

  • Loving Unconditionally

  • Taking care of Lifestyle

& our vision is to facilitate that

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Lawyer Office
Lawyer Office


We use eclectic approach, I.e., therapy that seeks to directly meet the client requirement by drawing from multiple approaches

  • Cognitive Behavioral Approach

  • Existential Approach

  • Humanistic Approaches

  • Neo Freudian Psychodynamic Approach

  • Commitment & Acceptance Approach

  • Positive Psychology Approach

  • Strategic and Systems Family Counselling Approaches