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Healthy relationships are the ones without gaps!

He said something and she got angry. They didn’t talk for 2 days. After that he tried to initiate talk and make her smile and again they started talking normally!

Such events happen between couples, mother & child, father & child, etc. Between any two people who hold relationship.

How they started talking normally? Thats what determines quality of their relationship. If they discuss about fight, each one of them understands other person’s perspective, comes to a conclusion (doesn’t mean they have to agree with each other. Eg: he wanted to watch English movie, she wanted to watch Hindi movie, conclusion is, type 1: They should watch Hindi and English movies on alternative days, type 2: He or she is ready to compromise and that is not a big deal and watch any movie 3: They choose any other activity other than watching movie; like that there can be n number of conclusions).

But what happens in most of the cases is, they choose not to talk about this topic and normally talk about other things. Which means, there is no conclusion. Its also possible that one among them wants to talk and other one avoids.

Such relationships are the ones with gaps. The issues without conclusions lead to (1) accumulation of negative emotions in mind (2) issues repeatedly keep coming again and again (3) there will be incompleteness (4) they fail in actually resolving issues!

Its good to rebond and start talking after fight. However, there should be a continuation between where it stopped and where it starts!

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