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How to Choose a Right Career?

A right career is the one that satisfies ALL four of the following criteria. If a option satisfies only 1 or 2 or 3 of the following criteria, then that means, it is not a good enough option for you to choose it as your career.

Criteria 1: The option that you like should be able to make you feel that you are playing an important role in the World and fulfilling a unique Life Purpose. If the option doesn’t make you feel that way, it is not a good option for you.

Let me site my examples here. I love singing and also I love Psychology. Being Psychologist makes me feel like I am making good contribution to world by improvising mental health scenario. Singing makes me happy, but it doesn’t make me feel like I am doing something purposeful. (This is subjective feeling. I am not against someone who chooses Music over Psychology. For singer, singing might make her/him feel that she/he is fulfilling a purpose).

Criteria 2: The option should be suitable to you in all ways. You should be able to perform, have competence (with or without practice) and work should go in a flow. It shouldn’t make you feel like you are doing it so hard. Doing hardwork is different and doing a work with lot of difficulty and hardness is different.

Again, recapitulating the example, I dont do too much hardwork while studying Psychology. I dont put so much effort to do sessions. It goes in a flow for me. When I was doing Science, it was so hard for me to do experiments and get results even though I felt that science research is a purposeful job.

Criterion 3: The option that you choose as career should give you enough opportunities. I.e., there should be demand of what you want to do either at your place or any other place. If there are no opportunities in your place, you should make sure that you are ready to move. If you feel that it is important for you to choose a place and you cannot move, you have to check if the option that you are choosing has demand in the place where you are planning to live. Demand should be good enough in such a way that you will be able to meet your living expenses and live luxurious life.

Example, I get enough clients, and that means there is enough demand for Psychologist in the place where I am living. If I want to choose to become Pharmacist, in India, there is no much role to play. In the abroad, Doctor gives diagnosis and Pharmacist prescribes medication. That doesn’t happen in India.

Criterion 4: External pressures, attractions, etc shouldn’t play role while you are making career choice. You shouldn’t’ choose a career just to get reputation or satisfy family or any other personal reasons. You shouldn’t choose a career just because you have some personal connection with that career. I.e., because some event or incident happened in your life and you got attracted to a profession.

Example, I used to feel that I should become doctor because I underwent surgery in my childhood. I got enormous attraction towards Doctors, their style and divine work. But what I felt at that time was purely emotion. ‘Gratitude’. Its good to feel gratitude, but that shouldn’t be a basis. After so many years, I realized that Science is not a suitable subject to me because basically I have analytical, Philosophical and artistic mind.

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