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Unleash Your True Potential!

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We serve clients from all over India & also Overseas Citizens !

Assam * Delhi * Punjab * Haryana * Uttar Pradesh * West Bengal * Orissa * Maharashtra * Andhra Pradesh * Telangana * Karnataka * Tamil Nadu * Kerala

We Provide Individual, Couple and Family Counselling


We can help you in dealing with





Sexual Abuse & Rape Trauma
Bullying Trauma
Trauma linked to Past Issues
Emotional Abuse Trauma

Violence & Physical Abuse Trauma




Couple, Marital & Family Issues

Lack of Boundaries
Role Conflicts and Disputes

Breakup / Divorce Trauma & Loneliness

Low Self Esteem

Imposter Feelings
Lack of Self Compassion

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Binge Eating
Sleep Issues

Lack of Motivation to Exercise

Trauma Linked to Health Issues


Meet Our Experts


Vamsy Krishna D

Provides online and offline sessions


K L Niharika

Provides online sessions

Other Details


We use eclectic approach, I.e., therapy that seeks to directly meet the client requirement by drawing from multiple approaches


Each client needs 15 to 20 weekly sessions on an average. Each session lasts for 1 hour. 


We charge Rs 1000 /- per session

Rs 2000 /- for NRIs and Overseas Citizens.

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Support Groups

Joining Support Groups can help you in staying in touch with people who are in same boat and receive updates about Group events.

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Support Group Events

You can join Support Group Events to express yourself without fear of being judged. You can give / get emotional support during events and learn various perspectives from other members.


From being depressed to understanding the importance of a purposeful life, her counselling helped me in my journey of self exploration and empowerment. Not only conventional counselling, she can think beyond and give ideas that can fit into your life. Moreover I found therapy to be empathetic and non-judgmental. In addition to that, online support groups are being held under supervision which are greatly helpful in sharing each others’ story and gaining objective thought processes and insights. Definitely worth trying.

                                    -    Renuka Prasad

Niharika is kind and empathetic. She is very professional and flexible when it comes to sessions. Being a student, I was worried about affording therapy as it is often costly. Niharika understands the financial situation of clients and charges accordingly so it was a huge relief for me. Even when sessions are online, I don’t feel distant or awkward talking to her. Her calm and serene approach makes one comfortable to open up and talk about issues without fearing judgment.

                                                  - Sanmitha

Now , I am midway in my healing process and it feels a lot lighter and free. It usually takes 15–20 sessions to heal you completely. As my problems were not severe but still deeper I have already completed 21 sessions and still am looking forward to heal completely by Niharika. She is excellent, she understands you, lets you only speak, bring things and answers out from you. She never gives any conclusion or advice, she always puts the entire scenario and all sides of the scenario infront of you and lets you choose for yourself. I will strongly recommend Manastva to all those who seek healing.

                                              - Trisha Barui

I was suffering from anxiety. I contacted Psinkin and took therapy sessions with Ms K. L. Niharika. The sessions are interactive both in depth and detail. After a few sessions I have come to know what is the actual issue behind my anxiety. It is a kind of eureka moment for me. The way she took me along this journey is absolutely fantastic. She is empathetic at the same time questioning my assumptions. It is truly a rewarding experience for me. I am feeling much better now and able to see my thoughts in a different perspective. Thank you so much Niharika garu for helping me out.

                                                     - Syam N

Hello everyone,
I took sessions for understanding myself and resolve issues related to my childhood. I was very comfortable in speaking to Ms. Niharika . I felt like I was talking to my friend or a relative . She was very frank and professional in approach. I really thank Niharika for giving me time and realise and understand myself . Thank you is a tiny word to appreciate your support and guidance Niharika. Keep up the good work.

                                         - Shushma Indla

I am overjoyed that I chose to speak with Mr. Vamsy Krishna D. Vamsy sir has greatly aided me in getting through my difficult moments as I was feeling anxious and disturbed following the demise of my mother. Vamsy Sir is incredibly kind and thoroughly listened to all of my difficulties. He is quite adept at identifying the root cause; on our first meeting, he identified the root cause and helped me understand the nature of my issues. I underwent significant transformation after his sessions. I'm feeling better now. If you want to become a better version of yourself.Thank you, Vamsy sir, for your insightful sessions

                                          - Madhumita S.