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Our Services are Confidential, Affordable & Client-Centered Solutions for Your Well-being !

Our Services

4 Steps to Book Appointment

Computer Store

You are required to fill out a Google Form, providing necessary information

Texting at Work
Follow Up

Upon form submission, you will be contacted via WhatsApp or email 

Online Payment

You have to make the payment prior to scheduling an appointment.

Month of January
Slot Selection

After payment, you can choose a suitable time slot from the available options.

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This is K L Niharika,

Psychologist & Founder

I run Support groups to provide opportunity for clients, especially the ones who are recovering or undergoing changes in their life to share their painful experiences without any hinderance. They can offer empathy, understanding, and validation to others while also receiving support themselves. My areas of specialization is holistic healing through expressive therapy.

About Us

We specialize in offering comprehensive Psychological and Legal services designed to foster holistic well-being encompassing the Mind, Body, People, and Nature.

Our mission is to facilitate:

1. Personal transformation, healing, and empowerment.
2. Family restructuring and effective dispute resolution.

Our range of services includes Counseling, Workshops, Personal Coaching, and Support Groups.


This is Vamsy Krishna D,

Psychologist & Founder

I run workshops to train clients by imparting Psychological skills and Psychoeducation to resolve their problems and thrive in their life. My areas of specialization are narcissistic abuse recovery, family restructuring, dispute resolution and couple counselling.

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